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Like and staff became more. And I still have to do everything myself ...

Like and staff became more. And I
still have to do everything myself ...
Author - Podachin Andrey
Vice-President of "Performa CIS"


Articles in English / OtherIt is sad to know that you have "missed the mark by just a few millimeters," looking carefully resume or talking to candidates, but eventually chose the wrong candidate. It is like digging feet from gold mine and see an empty hole, while you might be a gold mine worth a million dollars.
Here's a real case. A well known company in Almaty launches new direction. They are looking for a leader in this field. Contact the famous recruiting company in Moscow. Those are the candidate with experience in a similar direction to the famous Moscow store chain. Almaty good company pays the agency. Transporting a person with a family from Moscow to Almaty, buy houses and passes control to the new project.


After 3 months, the financial director of the company goes to the seminar "PERFORMIA" recruitment, where she spent nine days of extensive research on the basis of employment. At the end of the training, she reported to the facilitator of the story and shared knowledge that they seem to have bought a "pig in a poke", but who is very good looking and had a hiring recommendation from the agency, but now, a few months after recruitment, it still can not see the result of it.


Once complete "PERFORMIA" she applied Learning the basics and found almost an hour (including all calls to Moscow), that they missed great together with the agency. The price of this error is measured in tens of thousands of dollars just a paycheck.


The moral here is simple. You need to know the basic foundation of any business - then everything becomes much clearer, and you could get much better results in this area.


In every city there are capable people. Some of them create their own companies, going for your dream. Someone might be interested not establish their own business, and this man is happy to contract employees in someone's company and honest work brings tremendous benefit the company.


Those who have found the strength and created his own company - definitely brave people. Like it or not, but they contribute to the fact that in our lives is changing. They are collected in the same group of productive people and make their way to the purposes of providing the services. Either way, they create jobs for his countrymen, where children and families wait after work.
These people - the entrepreneurs - deserve this support and respect!


Most companies used to be created from scratch, with the idea of one person, gathering supporters and colleagues. Even the great computer company IBM has started once with a capable man, who saw in this dream.
But one that is known to be a warrior. Need staff if the founder has big plans for the future. His first employees entrepreneurs often found among relatives, friends and acquaintances. Sooner or later, so familiar to an end, and it is necessary to gain more and more people are able to produce results. This is where entrepreneurs face serious tests.
Sometimes the selection of candidates has errors that cost both the owner and the company, as they say, "a lot of money." Some employed people do not justify your expectations, they were "misleading" customer lists, they bring more problems than benefits.
They spoil the whole department or lead to the collapse of entire units. While you are fighting tooth and nail over the quality, some of the staff or colleagues quietly working to ensure that the marriage was over. It's strange, but true.


From such errors in hiring suffer everything and the owner of the company, and the company, and the employees themselves.
No staff member will win, if they lose the job because the newly hired chief financial officer appeared very capable rogue and destroyed the company. No one will win, if the Secretary forgot to say that an important customer call and you missed this deal just because of forgetting the beautiful secretary. And here's the result - undrawn profit of one hundred thousand dollars or rubles.
No one will win, if you, as a director of the company, instead of looking ahead and make strategic moves have to "babysit" the chief of sales, which looked amazing in the interview, which was a great "experience" in such work. But for the past six months, as it works for you, and the income continues to fall and fall ...


After such "experience" begins hesitate, whom and how to choose the next time. With every mistake in hiring unwittingly become very demanding. Some feel despair and say that it is impossible to understand what kind of man. Will it be beneficial or just look good.
Because of this, top executives of companies often fall into two extremes. Or they begin to focus on the "experience" - how old candidate of similar work - or the fact, and "this will fit into the corporate culture of the candidate" (as if we choose the furniture in an interior room).


But the stories of many entrepreneurs, even these extremes do not save from mistakes in hiring. Judge for yourself. If you had to fire someone because of incompetence or even, for some annoying reason, then just before that he had chosen and hired someone. This means that the choice you could not see that this guy will be your headache in the future. You look "to the right place."


I remember the 90's, when after another mistake in hiring a partner we thought: "Maybe we're just in the people do not know much? Let's turn to the employment agency, because they are professionals. " But we are not saved. The agency sends us candidates, and again we could not see anyone of them to take. Our "interview" lasted an hour - half. But even when we chose one, this guy had taken six months we have a customer base. This means that the employment agency can not be a 100% guarantee that you get the right candidates.
What, then, rely on?


If you do not change your approach in the selection of candidates, if you can avoid making similar mistakes with the secretary, chief financial officer or chief of Sales for next time?
It is sad to know that you have "missed the mark by just a few millimeters," looking resume and carefully talking to candidates, but eventually chose the wrong candidate. It is like digging feet from gold mine and see an empty hole, while you might be a gold mine worth a million dollars.


The simpler, the better the

We found that in the choice of candidates is simple, but vital basics. If these foundations lose sight of everything else to lose all meaning. It is like trying to count your income, not knowing how to put two and three. Basis. That foundation gives you the chance to choose the right people in employment.


We checked the validity of bases recommended "Perform" from 1984. They work. This is confirmed by the numerous reviews and customer testimonials "PERFORMIA."


Educating employers on how to choose the right candidates, we strongly recommend to look at four things (in order of importance):

productive if people in general: whether he has the results of the past;
how his personality will help to ensure that he will cope with the specific office (work), how long he will be able to work in your company, whether it is a risk to other existing employees;
person's motivation, the reason it is a question in your company, that for him the most important in the work (which makes him do what he does);
availability of sufficient minimum professional knowledge and skills.
In some cases, should be put in the first place having good professional knowledge and skills (for example, choosing a senior surgeon). But in most cases you will be enough to check the candidate is in the order described above.

The necessary and sufficient

Of course, you never limit yourself to just these four points. But, without knowing these four things, you wasted your time talking to the candidate. It would be like if the young man decided to meet with a girl in order to establishments with her novel. And see him seated behind a man with beautiful long hair, and he decided to explore. He builds a plan in mind, as well as what was coming to speak. But wait! Missing one step!


For a start it would be nice to make sure that people with these really long hair girl, not a guy who grew his hair long. Again: the basics. These four main factors in hiring interrelated.
Judge for yourself. Why investigate personality, if you do not know anything about the productivity of that person? Why do you need to know the experience, if you can not verify its productivity?


Why do you put on as Secretary of productive female, but where there is one trait of personality traits: it is inattentive and distracted? Put it better to where it will not cause inattention problems for you: she can be productive and useful. "Accumulate" productive people in the company. This is the key to success. Why do you put on the chief financial officer of a man who goes to work in your company just because of the salary in your company was a little larger than the previous, and he intends to leave if he is offered more elsewhere? Met these "defectors"? How long will they work?


The ideal case

Ideal situation would be as follows:

Your candidate is productive (and this can be found in the confirmation test.)
His personality does not prevent him from fulfilling their duties.
He is working in your company, not just for the salary. He is driven by something more than just a job for the sake of money (for example, it works because of personal conviction is that the company is very much needed service to people.)
And it was originally a sufficient minimum skills, or he was able to quickly learn the skills already in operation.
And he kept running in your company (ie not experiencing tireless desire to keep changing workplace).

Worst case

The worst case would be:

People unproductive.
It is not suitable for their personal qualities for the job.
But it remains in your company as long as he can hold out (so that the lawyers and it is not easy to drive.)

The most unusual was the fact that it is possible enough to interview a candidate to study his record and even study his letters, but did not see the most important thing. Will it be at all useful to the company? Productive is he? Easier if he lives to their supervisor or, on the contrary, it will create even more trouble?
And experience of many companies has taught us that, unfortunately, mistakes in hiring are very common, because at this point you face perhaps the most complicated thing in this life - a living person.
Every mistake makes people more closely and carefully select the candidates, wasting more and more time.


With this you can do something

But it would be foolish to simply list all the difficulties in the case and did not offer a solution. How do you mean? Candidate comes to you, you sit down with him and ask him the right questions only 10-15 minutes, and you understand that it will give you the results of the work that you expect it or not. 10-15 minutes, not 1.5 - 2 hours grueling questioning, after which the question still remains: "To buy or not to buy?" This is the result of corporate "Interview productivity test" designed to "PERFORMIA" and is used in a large the number of companies in the CIS and worldwide. Add to that one more detail. Imagine that you could know about the personal qualities of the person (candidate) before you accept it in the state. That you could predict the future of distraction and inattention Secretary long before she made the fatal error and absurd in a very important business papers, and you missed the contract. And because of lack of attention, and not because of ignorance or lack of knowledge bases of the profession, that it was possible to fix education. Clarify personality easily if your hands on a good personality test 200 questions, the results of which will be able to learn to understand people without any special training.
However, in our world There is a myth that people difficult to understand that this requires academic knowledge, universities, "experience", etc. The good news is that, in order to understand people, this is not a requirement.
Any productive person, whether an employee or owner of the company, which is engaged in the employment of personnel, could easily learn to understand their candidates for the two orders of magnitude better. You just need to learn the basics and practice in their use. This is exactly what we do for you in the "PERFORMIA."


The simple view

In conclusion, I want to show you a single point of view on the hiring. There are people who are willing to help us: they are there not only for the sake of some personal benefits - they do their job, they benefit.
They focus on the "output stream." These people understand that in order to get something, you need to first make, create, produce something.


And there is another part of the people. They come to our company to gain personal benefits from the company. "What will I get this job? What benefits will I receive? Is it profitable to me? "
Nothing wrong with that, if these issues are not the most important moments for people. These people usually want to get first, and then maybe they will decide to give something to you - your business.
How does this apply to your life? Often in the ads can be seen "sweet bait": benefits package, free transportation, free lunch, deliver and drive, completely "obuem and dress," etc. Think for a second, whose account such announcements are likely to attract? Those aimed at the incoming stream, or people who are focused on the output stream?
A declaration of this sort: "Irregular working hours. This job requires you to all abilities. We decided to make money, and not just receive. " Whose attention it will attract?
Just look at it. There is nothing wrong in the fact that your company is all that is listed in this announcement. Just ad - it's like bait fishing. If you need a pike, it is unlikely you will be able to get their attention by pushing a piece of dough on the hook.


Do this

In short, come to "Perform". Find the nearest town, home of the seminar "PERFORMIA." Complete training, learn these simple but incredibly effective things that will save you a lot of money, a lot of time and create the stability of your company. Do not even hesitate - just come and learn about this!


Vice-President of "Performa CIS"

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