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Personality test

Personality test

Personality test "PERFORMIA" raises accuracy selecting the right candidates from 50% to 94%The survey showed business, duration interview with the candidate and the number of questions put to him rarely affect the accuracy of selecting the right person. The probability of error is still high. Can I do something about it? The answer we are looking for companies in the technology, "Performia."Most people agree that it is difficult to accurately predict the personality of the candidate in the normal interview. And only a few months, they begin to see what it was.Not knowing the personal qualities of the candidate, to a certain extent, we "buy a pig in a poke." The accuracy of our choice can not be higher than 50%.Conducting interviews in the selection process is a mandatory part of the cycle hire. This is not a discovery. Any employer - in the person of the founder, director or hiring manager - pursues at least two goals.First, we need to select people who can handle the job done.Secondly, you should try not to miss the people who could do harm to the company.

In most companies, the selection is made only on the basis of an interview and the impression remains of communication with the candidate. Experience shows that this kind of action often leads to serious errors. Especially in those cases where it is a key or important to the life of posts.

Check the professional knowledge of the candidate is relatively difficult. Learn of his diplomas, too. Check the results in life - too easy. But to predict personality rights, seeing it for the first time, we are not so easy, if we do not have a reliable and fast way to do this.What you need to know the personality?"But why should we? Main thing that could work!" - Some may say of us. May not need, but many of us have heard of people employed in their companies, comments like, "Man, that good. Tried, but something does not pull ..."Time passes, and the "bad guy" did not meet our expectations. And maybe it really is a very conscientious person with a strong desire to work. Just when hiring, we may not have seen (and therefore we could not take them into account) of some of the features of his personal qualities and put people to do the work that it is not easy to pull just because of its features.

The other side of the lack of information about the personal qualities of the more sad. We hire people, we trust the information, the cash subordinates. And later find out that the person who made a good impression in the hiring, brought us serious problems. Profile, resume, experience

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