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FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND marketing is not exempt from



Oksana Navigator, a business consultant, member of the International Association of Consultants, a specialist in the field of effective promotion programs.


Today every businessman and manager understands the importance of marketing, and that's what the marketing - do not fully understand it. It seems to have something to do - from advertising, to lay out product so that it is better to buy, hold rallies, track service. Many people even realize how important it is to engage in PR company, but one way or another in most cases, in the mind of executives and businessmen this whole area is like a "salad": that advertising that PR, that marketing - all one and the same.


To deal with these issues, we read "smart" book and even more confusing. We hire marketers with honors and we see how they are fun sometimes engaged in "creativity" for our money, and not increasing revenue, constantly manipulating the word "creative". And we are, to put it mildly, not very happy.


Advertising, marketing, PR?
Area of product promotion is a "zone of risk" for the business, and it is less and less willing to "risk" their money by investing in advertising or promotion.


Marketers are faced with a big problem trying to "knock out" advertising budget, and we have "disputes between fathers and children," clearly demonstrate that the area of marketing managers and specialists look absolutely from all sides.


Head also interested in the "issue price": how to pay back the money spent on advertising, and how the ads "will" of customers or generate revenue. A marketer interested in the question of creating advertising, for it is important to "come up with cool advertising." Different goals! This is the basis of differences between the marketer and manager.


My study of the subject route goes: businessman - head - marketing. Therefore, the angle of view for me, first of all, as the owner. And any action, techniques, concepts in this field are valuable to me as much as they can be applied in order to increase revenue and nothing else.


In my seminars, I set three main objectives:


- Marketing, advertising and PR to make clear and completely understandable, especially for the head.


- The area of the system to PROMOTE, minimally costly and more efficient.


- Share of methods, techniques and tools of effective promotion.


There is a law of life - if that - it's hard, then it is not fully understood.


Propose in this paper a little to deal with the area, which is fundamental to success in business.


On concepts: MARKETING
To the question "What is marketing?" Many will answer that it is the market analysis and competitor analysis. This is not true, not exactly alone. Someone adds that it is advertising and promotion. It is also part of the marketing, but is only a small part of it.


Someone else can say that sales and service also relate to marketing. Yes, but this is not a complete marketing. To fully understand this concept, it is important to understand its main purpose, which is to form a (created) demand for their products and services, and this is only possible due to create distinctive items in our mind of the buyer. We do not live in the time of "Sovdep", where the struggle was only on the market of goods, "who is available, is the winner."


Now the fight is in the market, for example, the machine (as a commodity) sell many, and win those who are selling, delivery and post-service (as a service) offers. Or food (as product) sell many, and win those who service, atmosphere, service (as a service) provide the best.


The war goes on the market for the feelings and emotions of the client! And the winner is the one who "captures" those emotions that can not "take over" the other! Ie the company which is different from the rest of these. Jack Trout said, "different or die!" And he had in mind precisely positioning!


Therefore the marketing starts with product ideas: One and the same product, we can sell different target audiences (different type of clients), so the "sauce" should be different. For example, the fitness can be quite different: from elite fitness - club (based on discerning customers, who will be important, for example, the butler, opening doors at the entrance), ending with the "anti-crisis" room with a couple of trainers in the basement (affordable "rocking").


Thinking over the position of its products in the market, we take into account the target audience for which we would like to sell the product, or the audience, able to buy the product.


Then comes the packaging: One of the best examples are the goods packaging products «Apple» - small, compact box for iPhone, iPad, iMac, etc. - Clearly demonstrate to you the word is firmly seated in the mind of the buyer in the purchase of products «Apple» - EASY!


Then comes the next component of the marketing TRANSFER to the customer - it is certainly a place where you sell your product, and vendors, and product delivery (logistics), and even facial expressions employee handing over the goods to your customer! Notice how much different here.


Different or DIE!


"MARKETING: forming ideas of a product, its packaging, and transfer into the hands of the public. It means to prepare the product, deliver to market and place it there so as to achieve maximum sales and maximum response. "


All this perfectly reflected in the precise definition of what is marketing, an American scientist Ron Hubbard: "Marketing: the idea is to form a specific product, its packaging, and transfer into the hands of the public. It means to prepare the product, deliver to market and place it there so as to achieve maximum sales and maximum response. "


And the expression "take-out on the market" implies a moving goods to market, methods and rules that would also be good to know the marketer. Modern marketing researcher Igor Mann in one of his books, wrote: "The main task of marketing - is the acquisition and retention of customers." I believe this statement correct, but narrow. I would prefer to say more so: The main objective of marketing - TAKE different voicing order to maximize demand for goods.


"The marketing strategy is based on two things:


1. Knowing your enemy (competitor)

2. Great desire to win "


Another important factor in understanding marketing is a marketing strategy. If you look at modern saturated market, you can see that what it is, it does not seem just a harmless game of competitors, and the present war. And one of the words difinitsy strategy is: "The strategy (other Greek. Στρατηγία, the strategy of" captainship ") - the science of warfare, the highest expression of the art of war. Covers the theory and practice of war preparation, planning and management, studies the laws of war. " Wikipedia.


At a conference, where I had the honor of speaking, business consultant Alex Fateev, a partner of the American marketing expert Patrick Valteyna said, in my opinion, very valuable thing that the marketing strategy is based on two things:


1. Knowing your enemy (competitor). This is why we are monitoring the market, study our competitors or their products, services, "chips". After all, wins the one who is different, not the one who chants. Last position themselves much weaker than pioneers. (Example, iPad Apple and Samsung Galaxy - guess what the Tablet PC has a big sale?)

2. Great desire to win. If you do not know your competitor, you do not feel its 'enemy', you do not feel that you are in the "game", you are not on a "war." Maybe you're not in the market at all?


No pains, no gains
When a company starts its promotional program - activates shares advertises, runs PR - articles, etc. - This activity is often very uryvchata, chaotic, done only in times of recession revenue or store opening (company).


Companies that understand the importance of regular and consistency of the activity, often lean over backwards - to create advertising and PR materials. And months can "develop" advertising before releasing it outside.


A promotion rules are as follows: First, QUANTITY, QUALITY then. Outward flow must be constant and large (it is important to do what is possible and available today: no money for a paid video - video on television - distributed leaflets, no money for flyers - Send out e-mails, and do not have money for it - send a fax and phone ).


Promotion, which brings a lot of customers, should be to some extent a dream! Have a dream - run to her, you can not escape - go for it, you can not go crawl to her, you can not crawl - lie down and lie in the direction of dreams!


Outward flow provides a flow inside (in the form of customers and money). Therefore, the formula begins to move outside of the flow volume to the gradual improvement of quality used for this material. And the thing to remember is that the end result of all the efforts to promote - it concerned your products / services to potential clients.


Higher flow out you increase your chance to be seen and attract potential clients. Moreover, from the point of view of physics, the incoming stream of particles = output stream of particles.


The ability to learn faster than your competitors is the only reliable source of superiority over them

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