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Sberbank predicts growth of its shares to 130 rubles

Sberbank predicts growth of its shares to 130 rublesYesterday, shares of Russia's largest bank set a new price record after placing in September 2012, breaking the mark at auction 108 rubles. Sberbank cost so much at the beginning of 2011. The Bank believes that it is not a limit, and it predicts growth of quotations in this year to 130 rubles.

 During the trading session, quotes Sberbank declined slightly by the end of the trading session on the Moscow Stock Exchange they were 106.55 rubles. per share. But in any case, from the beginning of the year the bank's securities have increased in price by 14%.

 "Many investors, fearful in recent years market endless calamities, sat a long time in the fixed income (fixed income instruments. - RBC daily) and deposits. Now they are beginning to come out of these tools and to invest in other assets, "- told RBC daily deputy chairman of Sberbank Bella Zlatkis. According to her, the rising cost of bank shares have provided large investment funds. "We are pleased with their demand, because these investors buy assets for a sufficiently long period, thus slightly reducing the volatility in the market", - said Ms. Zlatkis. In her opinion, Sberbank this year has further growth potential. "Based on the extremely conservative assumption, it seems to me that we will see 130 rubles. per share this year - she said. - The Bank is significantly undervalued compared to similar credit institutions. "

 Most market participants supported the bank's forecast. "Sberbank least exposed the deteriorating effects of the dynamics of credit and reduction in the net interest margin - said Allianz Investments analyst Vitaly coupe. - Assessment of its shares at 130 rubles. corresponds to the current consensus forecast for 2013. " According to him, the growth of quotations related to his bank's good financial performance (up to 2012 he earned a record profit of 344 billion rubles.), As well as the fact that speculators could cover short positions in its securities.

 Senior Portfolio Manager of the Criminal Code "Kapital" Vadim Beat Avragim also says that the quotes Savings can reach the level of 130 rubles. "But this should improve assessment of Russia's investment climate as a whole", - he added.

 Analyst "Uralsib Capital" Natalia Berezina more skeptical in the projections. According to her, the paper of "Sberbank" this year will show growth rates up to 112 rubles. "Our estimate may be revised upwards if the global and domestic investors will increase the appetite for risk - do not exclude it. - This may occur after the solution to the budget problems the U.S. in March. "

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