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The card is not read

The card is not read Sberbank formally introduced universal electronic card (UEC) - from the start of one of the most ambitious federal projects in the financial sector before the release of "plastic" was about three years. While universal card is not visible: this is a common bank card, and is accepted in a limited number of outlets. Communication tool citizen and the state map can only be in the future.

On Friday, the CEO of UEC, vice president of Sberbank Alexey Popov officially introduced universal electronic card, which, according to the organizers of the project, should be the ID and tender.

The law on the implementation of universal electronic card was adopted in 2010. It is assumed that the issue cards will start on 1 January 2012. It was expected that with the UEC citizen can not just order and pay for almost any government services online, but also greatly simplify the interaction with all state and municipal agencies. "Anyone in the government, whether it is traffic police or FMS can get a card reader with the card as much information to which access is authorized by him - so in late 2011 described the" b "of the project benefits the then head of UEC Nikolai Ulyanov. - At the doctor will also be a special card reader with two slots, one of which the doctor will insert his card UEC, and the patient - their own, to make it clear what the doctor worked with the particular patient. "

Because of the unavailability of infrastructure project start-tolerated, but with January 1, 2013 issue of cards is on the applications of citizens. According to Mr. Popov, from the beginning of the year there were 10 thousand of the applications for UEC, to the end, it is planned to issue up to 3.4 million cards.

Meanwhile in receiving UEC for the citizen has no special meaning. Mr. Popov admitted that the traffic police only being negotiated to equip-reader, the officers, and he can only hope that clinics and hospitals until the end of 2013 will equip-reader, the modernization of the state program of health. Neither the federal nor the regional programs "b" can not find the item on the purchase of card readers. "According to the instructions of the government, in April each region must run vehicle application that allows the map to be a travel ticket at least one route" - hopes Mr. Popov. However, while it is impossible to UEC ride on public transport both pass. Order and pay for public services (eg passport) with the card while also not work: the portal of public services does not provide a check on it with UEC.

UEC printed on the surface of the photo and passport details of the holder, as well as details of the policy of compulsory health insurance, and account number in the Pension Fund of Russia. But the presence of this data on the plastic just makes it difficult to use, according to bankers. "Many people will certainly be wary to bring to the cashier or waiter a card which clearly written personal information - sure Vice President SME Bank Elena Yard. - This is a significant disadvantage for the development of such a card."

Those who dare to use the UEC as normal credit card, will also be disappointed. According to Mr. Popov, the UEC established banking app payment system for bank cards PRO100. Therefore, it can pay off only in the stores in which payments via cards serves Sberbank (PRO100 owns the system). According to the Mr. Popov is 100 thousand outlets across Russia. According to the Bank, on October 1, 2012 to accept payment card devices have been installed in 679 thousand points of sale in 207 thousand ATMs and 235 thousand cash points.

Admission UEC could increase participation in a PRO100 other acquiring banks, but the major players in this market has no plans to support the payment system of the Savings Bank. "We are not considering the possibility of joining the system PRO100 - told" Kommersant "Vice President of VTB 24 Julia Demenyuk. - Including because of the Non-Proliferation of this system." "Now other banks are waiting, but when we release, for example, 200 thousand of these cards, but it will be soon, they will join us," - hoping Alex Popov.

The banks will continue to produce analogs already working UEC. For example, the Bank of Moscow will continue to produce social map Muscovite. "The bank does not stop the project until it needed capital, the bank will implement it," - the "Y", the press service of the bank. Until the end, VTB 24 plans to release another competitor UEC, based on the international payment system Visa, - card "VTB 24-E-government." It will be bundled with the card reader to access the portal of public services. "We want the Russians had a choice: to use our international cards to access to public services or that which can be used only within the Russian Federation", - says Ms. Demenyuk.

"The result is that the UEC is, and is not functional. Two state banks could not agree on a government program, that here we expect from various government agencies" - sums up the director of retail products and technologies PSB Ivan heels.

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