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Once upon a loan with an old woman

Once upon a loan with an old womanToday, banks are willing to lend 85-year-old customers. Bankers noted that with age, people become more responsible payer. Pensioner should only insure his life - and a loan from his pocket.

Elena Kovaleva

Until a few years ago to get a loan pensioner was virtually impossible. Now many banks in the upper age limit is set at 65 years, despite the fact that women retire at age 55, and men - with 60. Expanding age range - the inevitable consequence of market saturation. "Previously, banks focused on business development in the high-segments - 30-35 years for borrowers who take large sums. But gradually began to pay attention to other segments, where the amount and terms of loans are small, that is, pensioners and young people aged 18 "- said the director of marketing HCF-Bank Yevgeny Sidorov.

However, loans to citizens and 65 bankers say more borderline product. The fact is that the vast majority of pensioners borrowing this age work and able to repay the loan. With this group of elderly borrowers banks work quite actively. This client is no problem to arrange and credit card and POS-loan (to buy a certain product directly in the outlet), and the cash loan. In addition, many of these clients in the bank for a credit history.

But in older people, aged 65, much less than the options (however, two or three years ago and they did not). For example, 68 - and 69-year-old retirees can take credit for the purchase of a particular product in the store, the bank "Renaissance Credit" HCF-Bank and Summer Bank (VTB Group's new structure). True, Summer Bank in the "over 65" credit only women. Interest rates on loans in stores traditionally are among the highest in the market and can reach 80% per annum.

Get a cash loan faces up to 70 years may BystroBank, the bank "Sofrino" Summer Bank Probusinessbank. "Renaissance Credit" offers these customers credit cards. Recently increased the maximum age of the borrower and 70 VTB 24. In HCF-Bank a few months ago age limit on cash loans for existing customers has been raised to 68 years. Credit for this must be repaid once the borrower will be 70.

However, in the 70 years of life does not end. People aged up to 75 years of the loan, Sberbank, Russian Agricultural Bank, banks' Eurocommerce "and" Orient Express. " "Russian Standard" at the post office offers the citizens of this group to open a free email bank card. The bank may choose to open a line of credit or a pensioner by the client submits a bank loan application.

But this is not the limit. Borrower under 85 years can get a cash loan in Sovcombank. And says the head of retail sales and regional network Natalya Vasilyeva, the year the program has disbursed 1.2 thousand loans to pensioners over 80 years. A Alpha Bank generally removed from his scoring age limit.

However, not all of the relevant products can be called mainstream. Most often, the borrowers over 65 years require a guarantee of one, or even two persons or a deposit. In addition to the client can offer life insurance. And of course, not to frighten the client the cost of insurance, banks are willing to include the cost of purchasing it in the body of the loan. For example, in Sovcombank it will be from 10.8% to 20.4% of the requested loan amount, depending on the period of time (a year or two.)

Interest rates on loans for pensioners in most banks are the same as for other borrowers. Although there is the benefit programs. For example, in the Savings Bank, which offers some of the lowest rates on loans to investors, pensioners also provides discount 3-3.5%. As a result, under the guarantee they can get credit for 16,5-21,5%, depending on the term. The maximum amount for this - 3 million rubles. Cheap loans retired as Agricultural Bank (under 15-18,5%) and "Ak Bars" (16,5-18,5%). In the presence of the life insurance rate will be lower than the latter by 2%. However, unlike the Savings maximum loan for pensioners in these two banks - a total of 100 thousand rubles.

Promises to make loans to pensioners fast but expensive bank "Orient Express." He defines the rates for each individual client. 60-year-old pensioner from Moscow bank is willing to give 100 thousand rubles. for five years at 41% per annum. Interest rates on credit cards, the bank pension seemingly tempting: 25,9-32,9%. But this is a whole set of commissions, even for repayment of the loan (up 3.5%).

Banks lending pensioners together the main pattern of client-pensioners are the most disciplined borrowers, they almost always repay the loan, no matter how miserable a pension. According to statistics from Rosstat, the average old-age pension in the country is 8847 rubles., The subsistence minimum for pensioners - 5020 rubles., Of which 2,102 rubles. spent on food. In Moscow, the numbers more. With the average pension 10 433.9 rubles. cost of living for pensioners is 6466 rubles. Although, of course, the customer client alike. "Pensioners are different. We have, for example, a significant category of investors - people older than 65. And they are able to repay the loan, despite the meager pension," - says the director of management development products OTP Bank Dmitry Sapronov.

However, based on statistical data has retired before 3827 free rubles (in Moscow - 3967.9). The question is, how much of the money it can be attributed to the bank. If we take the 50%, that is 1913.5 rubles., He can count on a two-year loan of 37,587 rubles. at 20% per annum (with a total overpayment of 8325 rubles.). If the rate is higher, for example 41%, the total is 30,990 rubles. overpayment to 14,922 rubles. If we take a more conservative estimate of when the bank is given to only 30% of available funds (1148 rub.), The loan amount, which is at 20 per cent rate can get a pensioner will be 22,556 rubles. (Overpayment of 4996 rubles.), And at 40% - 18 762 rubles. (Above 8790 rubles.).

Some banks are willing to lend to pensioners and to the larger amounts. In the "Orient Express", for example, the operator Allen estimated for a "mom-pensioner" five-year loan of 100 thousand rubles., Even without asking pensions. But the announced monthly payment: 3950 rubles. In HCF-Bank on the monthly payment should go up 30-40% of monthly income, regardless of the client's category. According to the calculator on the website of the bank at retirement 13 thousand rubles. Bank is ready to give 75 thousand rubles. for three years. Monthly payment will then reach 5073 rubles.

However, most banks lend to pensioners, small loan sizes are provided. In Sovcombank - 55 thousand rubles. (For 30 months), "Renaissance Credit" amount on credit cards - from 30 thousand to 50 thousand rubles., And on POS-loans - and even less, about 20 thousand Provided here except Sberbank, whose average pensioner's loan of 130 thousand rubles. Banks cautious due not only to the amount of income seniors, but with the features of the Russian judicial system, which seems to believe that the pensioner is always right.

Moreover, it turns out that the demand for credit from the pensioners themselves yet not so large in comparison with citizens of working age. "For example, we could lend to pensioners over 65 years, but has a special demand for this service do not see", - says Dmitry Sapronov.

It was a small container of this segment in terms of supply and demand, and the average amount of credit - a major brake on its development. According to a board member of GE Money Bank Elman Mehdiyev unsecured loans pensioners becomes profitable only at high interest rates or mandatory sale of additional products. "These rates and methods of sale are not only the risk of default, but also considerable reputational risks that we, as part of an international public company, can not afford even in the long term," - he said. In Rosbank loans today borrowers aged 60-65 years, are going to raise this level only for certain groups of retirees with higher incomes, such as those who receive extra payment for years of service.

Be that as it may, the trend of expanding age limits on the credit market distinct. And when today's 30-year reach retirement age - apparently without adequate gosobespecheniya - they will certainly be where to intercept money until retirement.

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