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Debt did not reach the hammer

Debt did not reach the hammerSberbank summed up the results of the tender for the sale of retail debt by 5.6 billion rubles., To claim the purchase of which, according to the contest, could only banks. The tender was canceled because all the participants offered a price lower than the minimum of the bank. As a result of the Savings Bank decided to withdraw from the sale of debt and collect it themselves.

As told "Kommersant" vice president of Sberbank Svetlana Sagaidak the tender for the sale of distressed retail loans Savings was canceled because none of the candidates has offered a price higher than the minimum set by the bank. Outcome of the tender for the sale of 5.6 billion rubles. individual loans overdue by more than a year were announced on Friday. "Based on the economic feasibility of selling debt we determined the price level below which sell this portfolio will not, because even with the costs of recovery in individual work with this portfolio we get more," - explained Ms. Sagaidak. According to the "Y", the minimum price for the portfolio was set at 195,490,000 rubles. (3.5% of the portfolio). "Since we have not received bids that were higher than the minimum price, we recognized the tender failed and decided to continue with this portfolio in the home," - says Svetlana Sagaidak.

It was the first tender for the sale of problem loans to individuals leading player in retail lending (as of November 1, the market share - 33.5%, the retail loan portfolio Savings - 2.45 trillion., Overdue retail loans - 51 , 5 billion rubles.). The contest was announced on October 29, with a requirement for participation in it was the presence of potential buyers of banking license (see "Kommersant" on 14 November). Thus, the Savings Bank was trying to minimize risks due to legal proceedings appeared in the July Plenum of the Supreme Court (SC). It Sun pointed out that the sale of debts of individuals available only to organizations with a banking license, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract.

These conditions significantly reduced the number of potential buyers of debt Savings Bank, the main buyers of retail loan portfolio outstanding - collectors - take part in the tender could not. According to Svetlana Sagaidak, only Sberbank received bids from three banks to participate in the tender. The names of the applicants, as well as their price proposals it does not open.

According to the sources "Y", offers to buy troubled portfolio Sberbank filed Alfa Bank, the bank "Russian Standard" and the bank "Pushkin". The maximum price offered by these banks was 2.4 times less than the level specified by Sberbank. In the banks, claiming the acquisition of this portfolio Sberbank declined to comment on his participation in the tender. However, interest in Alfa-Bank and the bank "Russian Standard" to this portfolio is quite understandable, the two banks are affiliated collection agencies - "Sentinel credit management" and a debt collection agency, respectively. According to market participants, the bank "Pushkin" claimed the debt for the benefit of someone collection market participants, because of the volume of the retail loan portfolio is less (as of November 1 - 4.6 billion rubles.) Than the proposed sale to Sberbank portfolio.

According to experts, the debut sale debt Sberbank was not held because the bank refused the direct sale of debt collectors. "If the Savings Bank sold debt collectors directly, for them a minimum price portfolio could well be implemented, - the deputy chairman of VTB 24 Anatoly printers. - Acquisition of portfolios of bad loans is not a core business of banks. In this case they are likely to provide mediation services, which reduces the price of the final offer of the acquirer. " "3.5% - this is an acceptable price for such a small prorated debt portfolio as at the Savings Bank, - the general director of the Centre agrees YUSB Alexander Fedorov. - If the bank does not put forward the conditions under which the tender can only banks, he could realize portfolio at a price significantly higher than the minimum level. "

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