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The band limits

The band limitsCB less willing to let go of the free floating market participants, which has recently sanctioned due to aggressive market policy fundraising individuals. The other day the regulator extended the restrictions on increasing contributions to two players - connected to the bank and bank-2T. In the long-term restrictions banks are deprived of the opportunity to build a business, and it is not for their salvation, and to reduce the amount of the final payment, the experts say.

The fact that the Central Bank extended the limit to raise funds on deposit 2T-bank, one of the shareholders is a past president of the Russian wine and vodka with Arthur Perepelkin, "b" has learned from a source familiar with the situation in the bank. For 2T Bank is the third limitation. For the first time, a measure of the Central Bank used the summer of 2011 for a period of six months due to the low quality of the loan portfolio, but then the bank has managed to improve the situation, and the sanctions were lifted. Re restricted securities to the involvement of citizens 2T-faced bank in August last year due to aggressive deposit policy. At that time, the amount of people in the bank is 3.16 billion rubles., As of February 1, it rose slightly - to 3.5 billion rubles.

"Limiting extended for another six months to August (previously expired on February 22. -" B ") in connection with the negative financial condition of the bank - told" Kommersant. "- The bank is not a good condition of the loan portfolio, some permanently reclassified loans. Profitability portfolio of loans is reduced and the only source of funding for the bank - are deposits of natural persons. " In 2-bank information to extend restrictions did not comment. "The only thing I can say right now - in April we have scheduled routine check of the Central Bank, which, in our opinion, should eliminate questions to the bank", - chairman of the board of directors of the bank-2T Arthur Perepelkin. According to him, to meet the requirements of the Central Bank to increase profitability, the bank in February started issuing credit cards (the stated rate 26.9%). Earlier, the bank did not issue unsecured loans.

2T-bank is not the only bank that has recently faced limits on the extension of the involvement of citizens. In a similar situation came under control and businessman Maxim Nogotkov Messenger Bank. Term imposed on him restrictions expire on February 23, but was extended until May 21. This information was officially confirmed by the press service of the bank Coherent. Originally restrictions on Coherent Central Bank introduced in May last year due to the over-active involvement of individuals in deposits (their volume increased by more than 10% per month). Bank was recommended to reduce the attraction rates to no more than 5%. To meet this requirement, the peak demand of December, he suspended the issuance of its main product - the universal credit card with a credit and deposit component (see "Kommersant" on 18 December). In early March Messenger bank plans to resume issuing their cards, but they will only credit (interest on the balance, as it were, would not be charged.)

In itself, the restriction on the involvement of citizens - not a rare sanction of the Central Bank. In December 2012, according to the Central Bank, the limit on the amount of funds raised individuals acted in 30 banks. "With adequate behavior management and owners is increasing the chances of stabilizing the situation, and if it still does not, then increases the chances of the bank's creditors to return their money in a bank failure," - explained earlier the first deputy chairman Alexei Simanovsky. Temporary restrictions CB - a kind of stress test for the strategy of each bank, agrees to the deputy director of the department of banking audit FBK Roman Konigsberg. However, after repeated extension of restrictions by the Central Banks chances of survival are significantly reduced, experts say. "If the Central Bank is constantly limits the contributions due to the lack of funds for increasing the volume of bank lending is virtually nothing to earn - said partner law firm" Yakovlev and Partners "Igor Dubov. - In this situation, perhaps, the Central Bank expects that the owners do infusion of capital or bank will announce its liquidation, but during this period will be reduced by the cost of the payment of pension. "

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