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ATMs went to the reception

ATMs went to the receptionThe process of combining the self-service networks, which banks began in late 2008, moved to a new level. If earlier in United ATM networks could only take cash, in the near future and will be able to make them. Although difficult to organize such a functional, full network integration of remote service enables banks to save on building their own infrastructure.

The fact that Alfa Bank and Credit Bank of Moscow (CBM) are committed to joining the network (ATMs and terminals) not only on the issue, but also to receive cash, told "Kommersant" sources in the banking market. Banks confirmed the information. Network of Alfa-Bank has 2.8 thousand ATMs, of which 1.7 thousand in bancomat, network ICD - 700 ATMs (about 50 with receiving cash) and 4 th (do not have the function of issue, but may take cash).

Despite the fact that the integration of ATM networks has been going on for several years, is still in the combined network was only available cash on home prices. For the first time the creation of united network announced in autumn 2008 Rosbank and Uniastrum Bank, in 2010 - Sberbank and "Uralsib", OTP Bank and VTB 24, in 2010-2011, joined Bank network of VTB Group - VTB 24, TCB and Bank of Moscow. Alfa Bank is also one of the most active participants in this process, to date, he has signed an agreement to merge networks with five banks (Rosbank, Promsvyazbank, MDM Bank, Master Bank, UBRD), with total network consists of about 11 thousand ATMs , but it works only for cash withdrawals. According to the head of retail business unit of Alfa Bank Alexey Korovin, network integration cash withdrawal was effective - now 15-20% of such operations carried out in the partner network, while earlier, before the unification of networks such operations was 1.2% " - he says.

According to respondents, "b" bankers association network to receive cash is much more difficult process. "To join the network to receive cash mezhhostingovogo necessary to create connections to the ATM bank can identify a client's bank card B in his own system - said deputy chairman of the bank" Trust "Sergei Larchenko. - This method requires certain costs, but saves on commission payment systems (3-5 rubles. per operation outside of its network. - "b"). " According to the vice-president, head of the self-service network of VTB 24 Alexey Degtyarev, estimate the cost of creating such a connection is difficult, because they are made up of the cost of completion of processing, operational support, and cost of handling complaints investigation. "The number will vary depending on the size of the bank's business," - he said. However, according to Alexey Korovin, Alfa-Bank and the ICD did not build such a complex system, determined not to be excluded from the process of payment systems.

Regardless of which way to build a united network, bankers believe that the need to implement a cash they do already overdue. "Right now, we think that the project of accepting cash in a unified self-service network of VTB Group, - Alexey Degtyarev - it is a logical step." The number of self-service banking is growing, and their functionality is expanding, and it would be strange not to be used in connected networks, say market participants. According to the Central Bank at the beginning of 2009, when banks first started to combine the network, in Russia there were 80 thousand ATMs and terminals, of which only 18.3 million (23%) had the function of receiving cash, to January 1, 2013 - 220, 8 thousand in bancomat - 129.7 million (59%).

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